Newborn Photography Session 2024 - Cost: R2100

I deliver a minimum of 40 individually perfected images  via download link. Props and clothing are provided. I have a huge and varied selection.

The session is centered around your newborn, however I do include Mom, Dad and siblings in a few images. My studio is cosy and set-up for handling a newborn, unfortunately large groups can not be accommodated.

I take newborns up to two weeks old, ( three weeks max if prem or sleeps well). The ideal age to bring baby is  5 -12 days.

The session is two to  three hours long (depending on baby), in that time we can only achieve what baby will allow us to. I prepare setups the night before, so prior to the session you can share any preferences you have regarding color, props, outfits etc.

If you decide to book the session, there are a few things you would need to do to prepare:

Please keep your newborn awake for about an hour or two before the session, no matter how sleepy you think your newborn is, they will not sleep easily in a new environment, especially since I move them around.

I have also observed that breastfed babies are kept awake when mom drinks energy drinks or coffee etc. Rather avoid these the day before/day of the session. We can try a lot more with a sleepy baby.

Don't over-dress baby for the session, the easier to take off - the less we disturb baby. A warm blanket is a great option.

Please bring a pacifier (dummy) for your baby if you think it will help to settle them.

To digitally remove baby acne or eczema there will be an extra charge of R250.

Terms and Conditions:
No cell phone or tablet photos permitted during the session.
Paula Adams Photography reserves the right to re-use any images for our own marketing.
Although every effort is made to get the best possible results, we can only do what baby allows. Each child responds in their own way, so results cannot always be guaranteed. The session cost is to be paid in full regardless of the outcome.
Use of photos is limited to personal use only, use of any photos for competitions (print or online) must credit Paula Adams Photography. Commercial use of photos is not permitted.


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